Lights on Longhorn 2017 UPDATE:


Hey Everyone! I know it's been a long time since I updated. Anyway, there will be no more shows at Longhorn as that house is now up for sale, and to put it mildly, marital bliss is at its end. No need for words of sympathy from anyone, sometimes things need to end and you pick up the pieces and happily move on.


So to bring everyone up to date on your favorite, albeit now defunct, holiday attraction:


Well obviously life got in the way and this had to get put on hold for a while but I have been working with software/programming this past year to hash it out.


All of the original lighting control boards were sold in early 2015 to make preparations for a 2015 show (which never happened) and the cases have sat empty ever since. Technology has changed so much since 2014 and I have found much more cost effective ways to do this while also giving me greater control over the lights. I'll reuse the cases and wiring from the old shows and hopefully get hardware redesigned next year.


At Longhorn everything was LED strips mounted to PVC. It worked ok, but had its drawbacks. The lights were cheap, but were shot by the end of the season and it was time consuming to replace them. The PVC was also cheap, but it cracked, was cumbersome, a pain to hang and take down and only fit on the house it was built for. Ultimately in the end it all went to the curb.


I'm currently renting a great home now and didn't want to get stuck with stuff that would only fit the house I'm in so I had to find a solution that was not only cheap, but also reconfigurable. I worked all that out this year so I can now change things around with minimal fuss no matter where I live. While I'm at it, the faces are getting a facelift too (you'll just have to wait and see)


Obviously, starting from scratch takes a lot of planning, so I guess the short story is, I'm working on it a little at a time and have solved most of the things I needed to.


I'll keep the website live as well as the facebook page so everyone knows where the show has moved to.The plan is to hopefully be back in 2018 and I promise, it's going to be a great show!


Happy Holidays Everyone! I'LL BE BACK...Preferably sooner than later!


One thing I have definitley decided on for 2018 is there will ONLY be shows during December. New Years was a slow draw and Halloween has always been quiet. Pretty sure it will be even more so in my new neighborhood. So I'll be Rockin' the Jingle Bell Seaon ONLY!


Also the website is going to get a new name, but i'll keep a redirect in place so you can still find me and add it to your favorites, cause ya know ya will! See you in 2018 Noke!



Christmas 2014 | "Weird Al" Tacky

Christmas Light Show 2014 - Weird Al - Tacky


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