Lights on Longhorn 2015 Holiday Light Show

Happy Holidays Everyone and Welcome Lights on Longhorn! One of my friends said it best, "You're like the comic relief of Christmas lights." Well that's a good thing because joy, smiles and laughter is what we want to bring to everyone!

I've made some changes for the 2015 yearly shows. Due to the poor turnouts for Halloween and New Years, I've decided to go ahead and cancel those shows. It has been a busy year again and it's hard to justify the time spent doing this when only a couple people show up for those dates. It's hard to compete with the new world of Trunk or Treats which I personally believe have killed the traditional Halloween holiday. As for the final New Years Show, a lot of people celebrate new years at some party or gathering, so for the sake of my sanity and the neighbors, I'm pulling the plug on those shows. I may revisit it at some point, but not this year. Christmas has always been my biggest turn out, and that is what I will focus on for the end of 2015.

if your new to the show, there's one thing you should know... If you're looking for Christmas've come to the wrong place! Yeah, that's right, I don't do that. My family and I invite you to come get down with us and watch what I can do using the magic of music and light!

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A couple of singing pumpkins and a bunch of songs that have nothing to do with the holidays!

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Christmas 2014 | "Weird Al" Tacky

Christmas Light Show 2014 - Weird Al - Tacky


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