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Thanks to Everyone who stopped by for 2013!!!


Behold the culmination of a wife telling her husband that he needs a hobby. I don't think a singing house is what she had in mind! For 2013 I've kicked it up a notch -"BAM" - and after a lot of building, programming and a wife wondering if I would ever come out of the basement again, I'm ready for 2013!

This year I've added all new Lights and Songs for the 2013 Holiday, but if you're looking for Christmas've come to the wrong place! Yeah, that's right, I don't do that. This years Holiday theme is "Dance Party" and my family and I invite you all to come shake your booties and watch what I can do using the magic of music and light!

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Tour Dates 2014


Come join us for Tricks and Treats and a couple of singing freaks! Live Show with music Halloween night!

Times & Info


A couple of singing pumpkins and a bunch of songs that have nothing to do with the holidays!

Times & Info

New Years

The last hurrah of 2013. Miss it and you'll have to wait until next year! See you in 2014!

Times & Info


Christmas 2013 | Ylvis - The Fox

Christmas Light Show 2013 - Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)


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3260 Longhorn Road

Roanoke, Va. 24018


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